Thursday, 4 June 2020

Black lives matter



#BLACKLIVESMATTER ✊🏾 I noticed that many people in Europe (including me) wanted to contribute to this fight against anti-blackness, but didn’t know where to start since they don’t live in the USA. I saw a post with resources and steps for UK residents to help, and thought it would be super helpful to also do some research focusing on a broader region so that I (a Dutch citizen) could take appropriate steps to get involved and share this knowledge with other European citizens. Feel free to leave comments with more suggestions 🤍 I also wanna say: I hope that all my black followers are ok, and I hope that you know that you are allowed to grieve and be sad. This is traumatic for so many of us, and we shouldn’t forget that. I spent the past few days trying to help as much as possible, and this morning someone asked me how I was feeling for the first time and I literally broke down. I’m still crying as I’m writing this down and I wish I allowed myself to be emotional about this from the beginning instead of numbing myself. Our emotions are valid, we are not overreacting. I love you all, and stay safe if you’re out in the streets protesting!!!

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You might already have seen these but I still want to keep them here. 

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