Tuesday, 1 January 2019

Happy new year

Yes hello, 2019!
2018 was definetely a crazy year for me. It was like panic at the disco, but last night I finally realized and could feel happy about that I have achieved a few big things somehow and still stayed healthy during the year. It was also a great beginning of a year this morning. My favorite thing about this kind of holidays is to celebrate a day with the people I love. It is so cosy no matter how far apart we are. Happy new year!

そして元旦の今日は、朝から大事な人たちとおめでとうと祝い合い、これまたとても良い気分で迎えられました。距離が近くても遠くても、日頃からお互いのことを思っている人たちと一緒に1日を祝えるのは、本当に幸せな気持ちになれて、こういう日の一番大好きなところです。 2019年も良い年になりますよう!