A new series in progress

Some random pictures from my new series in progress


I am serious and have a lot of fun

The story of this paper was written by Thomas Kando. He is a son of Ata Kando, a Hungarian photographer. I got this at Nederlands Fotomuseum in Rotterdam when I went to see her exhibition I Shall Use My Time there in 2016.
I like this part: "Was there a plan, as far as we could tell? Absolutely not. We were just having a lot of fun."

I had been feeling down for some reasons lately. I did not know why we want to be happy nor the point of being happy. You be happy, then what? Why do we think not being happy is not good? I might sound depressing, but seriously, do you know why?
I was thinking a lot for a while and now I am fine.
I am fine because I think that being happy is not what we have to focus on in our life. Maybe not us, but me at least. "Being happy" is vague and it sometimes makes us afraid. What we have to do is just to have fun. We can seriously have fun and that is not so difficult than trying to be happy. Look, Patti Smith also says "Life is already enough difficult. Just ride with it."

I am forgetful and sometimes have to remember things like this again.




waddingtons BLACK BOX

New painting! Updated my portfolio! https://nozomitakayama.com/Objects
This is a board game which my boyfriend's mother bought at a secondhand shop. She makes games like puzzles by herself and give one to me sometimes like when I take a plane to Japan from the Netherlands, so I won't get bored during a flight.