Bertien van Manen

A house in Diemen the Netherlands, oil painting on canvas
A house in neighborhood

Painted this pretty house near my house. I love that my neighborhood is calm and there is lots of nature and animals.



I went to Stedelijk museum last weekend without researching what's on there. It was my first time to visit a museum since the corona crisis has started. There was a few different exhibitions and I loved this one of Dutch photographer Bertien van Manen. 
Bertien van Manen, Stedelijk museum, 2020
Bertien van Manen, Stedelijk museum, 2020
Bertien van Manen, Stedelijk museum, 2020
Bertien van Manen, Stedelijk museum, 2020
Photographs of Bertien van Manen

As combinations with her work, there was also other photographs of Josef Koudellka, Jitka Hanzlova, Seiichi Furuya, and more. Especially Bertien and Seiichi, I am glad that I discovered them spontaneously.




PAPADAG serie, illustratie
Fan art of Dutch series PAPADAG

PAPADAG is a Dutch series about the six fathers who are struggling with life and families. They meet at a park, start seeing each other with their kids there every Thursday, and become good friends.
The latest season just ended a little while ago. It made me laugh a lot through its two seasons. I was also sometimes surprised from the sense of humor but maybe it's mostly because I am still learning the culture here?
You can watch it on NPO if you are interested and understand  even a little bit of Dutch. Let me know if you know any nice Dutch programs as well :)


Alice (Ellen Parren), Louis (Hajo Bruins), Merle (Linde van den Heuvel)
Alice (Ellen Parren), Louis (Hajo Bruins), Merle (Linde van den Heuvel)
Sadiq (George Tobal), Thijs (David Lucieer)
Sadiq (George Tobal), Thijs (David Lucieer)Bouzian (Hassan Slaby), Puck (Loes Schnepper), Martijn (Guido Pollemans)
Bouzian (Hassan Slaby), Puck (Loes Schnepper), Martijn (Guido Pollemans)



A little box of shards from excavation in Amsterdam 

Saw this pretty thing in the city a while back but don't remember the shop.