Living Abroad Diary

Finally developed my film which I had been taking since I moved to the Netherlands a year ago! These are a few of my favorite ones. 

When we were waiting for the rain to stop under a tree 木の下で雨宿り中に

What we always do when we go to our favorite city Haarlem 私たちの好きな街ハーレム、お決まりの運河沿いランチ

Me this January, only went out of the house to be taken a photo in the snow 今年の1月、雪の中で写真撮る為だけに家から出てきた

Time flies. Last month was my one year anniversary of living in the Netherlands and in lockdown. No wonder why most of the 36 photos are of my boyfriend, me, and our neighborhood. From only going out for grocery shopping, a walk, and work, I even forgot how I used to makeup like everyday in Japan.

My first year living abroad was good and hard times. Sometimes I've thought about what Japanese former pro baseball player Ichiro Suzuki said at his retirement press conference a few years ago. He said something like, "By moving to the US from Japan, I became an immigrant. That has changed me and taught me to be more considerate and compassionate, which could only come through own experience. It's okay to feel like running away from difficult times, but I think it's important to face them when you have enough energy. Those experiences would support you in the future. "

Well, hopefully photos of my 2nd year here will be with more people and places! 





Swimming in the House

Octopuses, oil on paper, 2021